There’s a park in this city where I used to go, 
but now it’s covered with fences and cops and lightposts. 
And I’d never go back if anything was the same,
but it kills me to know that it’s changed. 

There’s these kids who have dreams. 
There’s these dreams that will grow. 
Until they get so goddamn big that they explode. 

And what’s left in the smoke and the falling debris 
is grownups like them and losers like me. 

Welcome back, Fall.

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it’s nudey magazine day

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My dude, Miguel (@miguelitochavecito) crushed this brother tattoo for me and Logan.

My dude, Miguel (@miguelitochavecito) crushed this brother tattoo for me and Logan.

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Living in living rooms
and it’s true
that I haven’t gone to bed 
since the last time that I saw you
cuz going to couch or going to floor
well it doesn’t provide the 8 hours
that my body is screaming for

Because we’ve been driving around singing songs
about driving around singing songs
and I don’t wanna have fun
with anyone but you
So take the Great Ocean Road at midnight
and I’ll get in at three
and meet me where I am 
and where I wanna be

Cuz every day’s a Sunday night
and every day’s a Monday morning
everything that happened in the past month
and we didn’t get a single warning
and everything that we believe about each other
has been proven right it seems
and all we’ve got left is what the king said

"Don’t fuck with our dreams"

The Smith Street Band - Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams


Songs For Teenagers - Fake Problems


"There is a glue that keeps us stuck to this town.
Whether it be our jobs or lovers, family or friends or these sounds,
If you’re feeling worthless, this is your reminder
You are someones glue.”

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I want to be a lumberjack, because the requirements for lumberjacks are: Flannel, Axe, Beard, Pancakes, Whiskey.


'cause all I wanna do is ride my bike
and think about sex, yeah.
All I wanna do is fade out with you.

Best song of 2014